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Azamara Quest 2017
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* Les prix sont en $US (par personne) basé sur occupation double.

Frais supplémentaires de $375 US/pers pour les cabines normales et de $425 US/pers pour les suites.

Ces frais supplémentaies incluent: les taxes, pourboires à bord, frais administratifs et frais de port.



Can you even imagine anything more exciting!

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Civitaveccia (Rome) Italy

The Eternal City of Rome, in whose name the Caesars  sought to claim the world, opens for the visitor like a living museum, liberally  dotted with fascinating ruins, surviving relics and archaeological sites. The  centuries peel back with each new vista in this great city of gladiators,  lunatic drivers and sumptuous pasta dishes. Vespas, nippy little Fiats and red  sports cars speed past trendy sidewalk bistros and nightclubs, revealing the  Rome of Fellini's La Dolce Vita; while the chillingly stark facades  of the Stadio Olimpico complex remind visitors of Mussolini's attempts to  reinvent the architecture of the Caesars.

For a taste of the Baroque, visitors need only climb the  famous Spanish Steps, walk through the Piazza Navona or toss a coin into the  beautiful Trevi Fountain. Renaissance splendour is perhaps best revealed in the  Pope's residence, the Vatican Palace, or in Michelangelo's efforts on the roof  of the Sistine Chapel. From early Christian Basilicas to the Roman Forum, the  Colosseum and the Pantheon, the sequence of history trails back to the height of  the Roman Empire.

It may sound like a city of contrasts, but Rome's  timeless magic lies in its ability to blend the old with the new. Empires have  risen and fallen, old gods have been replaced with new ones, but Rome remains.

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Livorno, (Florence) Italy

Florence (Livorno) Overview 
On  any Western Mediterranean itinerary, Florence is an absolute highlight -- the  gem of the early Italian Renaissance. In the 15th century, when great artists  like Giotto, Ghiberti, Brunelleschi and Michelangelo worked there, they created  magnificent examples of painting and sculpture that today still fill Florentine  churches, civic buildings, grand palazzi and eventually world-class museums such  as the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia. Architecture prospered in Florence, too  -- indeed the city's signature work of art is the masterful  Brunelleschi-designed dome of its cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore, known as the  Duomo.

Livorno (also known as Leghorn), is situated on  the Tyrrhenian coast at the southern edge of the Arno alluvial plain and is an  important commercial and industrial center and port. It was founded on a former  auxiliary Pisan port between 1576 and the early 17th century, on the orders of  the Grand Duke Cosimo I who made it Tuscany's main outlet to the sea after the  Pisan port was filled in. Originally constructed to a pentagonal design and with  a still visible orthogonal street system, 
the town grew in the 19th century;  it suffered serious damage during the last War and now has a modern appearance.
No question -- Forence is one of the most beautiful cities in the  world.

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Monte Carlo, Monaco

Ruled by the Grimaldi family of Genoa since the 1400s, Monaco shines with the luster of tradition and, yet, is a startlingly contemporary nation. Facing the sea and surrounded by France, this tiny Principality is the world's second smallest nation, but boasts an outsized resume. The newest in technology and the ultimate in luxury are norms here.
In Monte Carlo, two buildings stand out from the sparkling modernity. The Prince's Palace was built in 1215 as a Genoan fort and the Monte Carlo Casino, a stunning architecture and pop culture icon, was built in 1863. Otherwise, expect beautiful skyscrapers and brand new yachts.
History here is kept in custom. Etiquette is inviting, but formal. Monégasques always dress to the nines and greet everyone in their path. Join them in this courtesy and discover welcoming smiles throughout the Principality. .

Monte-Carlo, unofficial capital of glamorous and lavish Monaco, established in 1866, Monte-Carlo was named in honour of Prince Charles III and is the richest of the country's four quarters. For years, Monte-Carlo has been the playground of the rich and famous, from Hollywood starlets to royalty, and business people dodging the taxman. It is also one of Europe's foremost holiday resorts, but certainly not for the humble backpacker. The city has several attractions, such as the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium, the Monaco Cathedral and the Prince's Palace, several gardens, and other attractions centred on the country's famous Royal Family, such as an exhibition of HSH Prince of Monaco's private collection of classic cars.

There are some interesting diversions, such as catamaran trips, watersports, yachting and the Azur Express tourist train that links up the city's attractions accompanied by multi-lingual commentary. Worth exploring is the Old Town, with its attractive City Hall, and of course when one is bored of sightseeing, the best diversion (and the cheapest) is merely to settle down with a fancy cocktail and people-watch.

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Saint Tropez, French Riviera

Protected by a small gulf and surrounded by a crystal-clear sea, Saint Tropez is one of the best-loved and most popular destinations on the French Riviera Côte d'Azur.
Small in size but hugely prestigious and famous, the city of Saint Tropez is host year after year to the world's, and especially Italy's jet-set.

Saint Tropez is internationally known as the preferred destination of VIP's from around the world. Private beaches, aperitif bars, prestigious night spots, four-star hotels and luxurious villas are the ingredients that go into making this little town the favourite spot among elite tourists who want to see and be seen.
In the 1960's, Brigitte Bardot and many other stars have contributed to making Saint Tropez the place to be in summer.

Even today "Saint Trop" can boast of being a favourite among fans of "hot summer nights" aboard mega-yachts or in private villas right out of a Thousand and One Nights, not to mention the many nightclubs that for years have charmed both occasional visitors and "habitués".

Brigitte Bardot kick-started the rush in the early 1960s, and she was followed by the likes of Liz Taylor and Sophia Loren. People still flock to St-Tropez for the sun, the sea, and, the celebrities. The new generation includes Elton, Barbra, Oprah, Jack, and Uma, though they stay hidden in villas, and the people you'll see on the streets are mere mortals, lots of them, many intent on displaying the best-and often the most-of their youth, beauty, and wealth. Still, if you take an early-morning stroll around the pretty port or down the narrow medieval streets with their candied-almond hues, you'll see just how charming St-Tropez can be.

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Sete, Cap d'Agde,France

France's largest and most important fishing port on the Mediterranean, Sete also attracts pleasure craft, and some of the country's America's Cup entrants. The low town is criss-crossed by scenic canals and bridges, and you can observe the activity of the fishing fleet as it ties up in the center of town. Clams, mussels, and oysters are farmed, and it is hardly possible to find fresher fruits of the sea, a treat much enjoyed by visitors. Excursions can be made from Sete to Carcassonne, a perfectly preserved medieval city. With a double row of ramparts and 52 towers, it is everything you expect from a fairy tale castle.
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Ibiza, Spain

Mountainous Ibiza is known as Isla Blanca, the White Island, perhaps because of the dazzling white walls of the traditional houses and churches that make up the small villages dotting its landscape. Its atmosphere is reminiscent of Greek islands, making it unique among the Balearic Isles, and its rustic beauty attracts artists, as well photo and film shoots. Ibiza's nightlife is legendary, and not to be missed.

Ibiza is one of the five Balearic Islands off the Western coast of Spain - best known, of course, for its year-round sun, sea, sand and clubbing.
Every summer the place is mobbed by the young and beautiful international party-set, all searching for the ultimate in hedonistic fun-in-the-sun. The innovative music scene in Ibiza has been so influential that its trademark genre of chilled-out dance music has come to be known as 'Balearic House', and the place has made superstars out of previously anonymous DJs who have now been catapulted to celebrity status.

Barcelona, Spain.

The enchanting city of Barcelona is a visual delight, and has an atmosphere that combines elegance and sophistication with provincial charm. In exploring its streets you'll discover medieval romance in its Gothic quarter and the awe-inspiring delights of the fantastic and sometimes outrageous Art Nouveau architecture of Gaudi and his contemporaries.

The funicular up to Tibidabo, or the cable car up Montjuic, both offer breathtaking views over this attractive city. Its skyline is perhaps most famous for Antoni Gaudi's masterwork, the still incomplete church of the Sagrada Familia, as well as the city's huge Gothic cathedral. The artistic legacy of Barcelona is one of the city's most appealing attributes, with museums containing extensive collections of the works of Miro and Picasso. Barcelona is also a shopper's paradise, with the city's flair for style reflected in its numerous boutiques and markets, open late into the evenings. As the sun sets, and the city's many bars and restaurants open, the night truly comes alive. Dinner is served at any time between nine o'clock and midnight, and the festivities around the bars and nightclubs carry on well into the early hours of the morning.

Barcelona is the commercial centre of the popular holiday region known as the Costa Brava, the northernmost Mediterranean seafront in Spain, as well as the Costa Dorada to the south. The coast is dotted with popular resort towns, many retaining their age-old charm, which can be easily reached from the city.